Interview for “The Lunge” – anti-Fitspiration Project

As some of you know by now, last year under the umbrella of Libero Network I started a #StopFitspiration project.

This project has received a lot of feedback – some good, and some bad. The best part is to see the conversation about Fitspiration take off and begin spreading – asking questions, sharing concerns, and pointing out flaws. Neither I nor Libero Network try to take credit for starting the conversation – we were there near the beginning, but some of the people “talking” don’t even know we exist. What we are finding, though, is many of those who are beginning to join in on the conversation find us and our project, and I’ve had several opportunities to work with inspiring people who, like myself, don’t think “fitspo” is all it’s cracked up to be, see the potential dangers of it, and want to use our platform to inform others.

One such opportunity arrived last month when I was contacted by Dagmara Reczka. Dagmara, like myself, wants to promote body positivity and a more healthy, balanced approach to exercise, rather than the approach of Fitspiraiton. Dagmara is working on an exciting project, and interviewed me over Skype about #StopFitspiration and asked me to share my reasons for wanting to spread the anti-fitspo message.

The project is still in progress, but Dagmara shared this little “preview” with me – containing clips from my interview along with others who share a similar passion to ours – and she has given me permission to share it with you.

There are a lot of great things said, and great questions brought up, and I encourage you to take a look…


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My name is Lauren Bersaglio and I am the Founder and Editor of Libero Magazine. I am a writer, speaker, and dedicated mental health advocate based in Vancouver, BC. I love writing, makeup artistry, strategy board games, and going for runs with my Goldendoodle Zoey.

2 thoughts on “Interview for “The Lunge” – anti-Fitspiration Project

  1. Wow, this is so encouraging to me. I get so sick of ‘fitspo’. It’s so refreshing and inspiring to see you speaking up against it!!!


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