Friday’s Favourites: Christmas tunes, foundation, and JT

Every Friday I share some of my favourite things from that week: articles, music, videos, books, food, makeup - pretty much anything goes - and I am very willing to admit I "stole" this idea from the wonderful Gala Darling and her "Things I Love Thursday." So without further adieu, here is what I've been loving this week...

 #1 – THIS article on Libero Network by the inspiring and beautiful Lindsay Henry.

This is the most tweeted article we’ve had on Libero Network to-date, and I cried the first time I read it – like all of Lindsay’s writing, this piece is incredibly powerful and hits on truths we all need to remember:

“I wish you could see yourself the way I see you…before the muck of the world gets in the way and messes it all up.”

Read here:

#2 – I am loving the album “A Very She & Him” Christmas

Zooey Deschanel has the perfect voice for Christmas tunes, and though I have lots of random Christmas tunes already, this was a fresh addition to my Holiday music collection!

#3 – I’ve found my perfect foundation!

After many purchases and returns to MAC cosmetics, frustrations over my skincare, and finally giving my skin a chance to settle down with the right products (update: The Body Shop’s Aloe Vera Line – The Seaweed/Tea Tree lines ended up being too harsh), I’ve finally found the perfect, all-day, full-coverage (and I mean FULL) foundation: Stila Stay All Day Foundation. Oh my goodness I cannot say enough about this product! (added bonus: it comes with a miniature brush similar to MAC 191 and amazing concealer in the lid!) 
update (March 2014) I no longer use the Body Shop skincare OR the Stila foundation. Sorry! The body shop skincare just wasn’t right for me and the Stila foundation was too orange, and tended to cake up on me. 

I use the Stila Stay All Day BB Cream as a primer (amazing on it’s own, too) and then apply the smallest amount of the foundation using my MAC 191 brush and then finish off with MAC’s skinfinish in natural (love!) – the result is a stay-all-day, full coverage foundation suited for my skin. And no break-outs, either! (I hate to say it, but MAC could learn a thing or two from Stila about skin products…)

I also discovered that I LOVE purchasing cosmetics from Shoppers Drug Mart – the girl there has been SO helpful both with my skin and foundation – no wonder they are the #1 choice for Canadians when it comes to cosmetic shopping. If you have problem skin and are struggling to find a foundation that works, I recommend first assessing your skincare (bad skin = bad foundation) and giving your skin a month to settle into your new skincare products (otherwise you’re just wasting your money because you’ll likely buy the wrong foundation for your skin) and then once your skin seems to have normalized, go somewhere like Shoppers where they are helpful, have lots of brands to choose from, are knowledgeable, and will give you samples (I highly recommend starting with samples, especially when it comes with skin products – saves numerous trips back to the store for returns).

OK that’s enough about foundation/skincare, maybe I’ll do a post dedicated to just that in a later post…

#4 This video: Justin Timberlake + Jimmy Fallon on Hashtags


#5 – And this…

meanwhile - cow on bikeThis photo was sent to me by a VOH-Africa staff member, and I shared it on the VOH-A Facebook page not thinking much of it, so leaving out our URL watermark. Little did I know that this photo would go viral and be shared hundreds of times across Facebook and Pinterest. Anyways I’ve adapted it with our information and am trying to get it out there once again, this time giving VOH-A the credit! (psst! if you like it and want to help us get it going viral again, please save it and pass it on!) 



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