Friday’s Favourites: Essena O’Neill

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First a recap from the past week[s]…

    • My latest blog “Growth
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Now on to my favourites…

 #1: Essena O’Neill

I know the whole point is that she no longer wants to be a household name; but she does want her message to be a household conversation, so here it goes (I really like this response video as well as her original video). You can check out all her latest videos here.

Unfortunately (though I understand), she has at this point deleted her original YouTube Channel and Instagram, where she had, for a brief time, exposed the “life behind the Instagram camera.”

(if somehow you missed what this is all about, get caught up: “Teen Instagram star hailed as ‘revolutionary’ for quitting social media“)

#2: Brene Brown on Blame

Brilliant, as always.

#3: Mindy Kaling

Is it bad I’m putting her here for the second week in a row? But seriously, I caught up on The Mindy Project last night (I won’t admit as to how…..) and Season 4 is everything I’d hoped for and so much more! (except who else is a bit sick of Jody and Collette?) 

#4: Radical Self Love Bootcamp


I recently started Gala Darling’s Radical Self Love Bootcamp and I am loving it! The tagline for the course is “Because you deserve to love your life, truly, madly, deeply…And I can show you how to do it.” It involves worksheets, writing prompts, video interviews, and more! I find myself craving my next RSL Bootcamp fix and I’ve made it part of my Sabbath. (no, I did not get asked to promote this, nor do I benefit from doing so)

#5: Sad news

Last week my #5 was @SocalityBarbie on Instagram. This week the sad news is she’s shutting down! I think this has to have something to do with Essena O’Neill and I can’t help but respect the decision. But really…no more Socality Barbie? Who’s going to keep us all in check and save us from ourselves….

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 4.59.27 PM

Article roundup:

  • My Vegan Diet Almost Killed Me” my thoughts on this: you can eat ethically without eating Vegan. You can also be Vegan without being Orthorexic. The key is to keep yourself in check and pursue balance. And if you have a history with an ED, you may want to reconsider any choice to take on any form of diet/nutrition that requires strict rules and restrictions.
  • Handling Triggering Body Comments: “When I hear a comment that makes my stomach churn, I can take it with gratitude. I can say to myself, “Yes, that will help me grow.” I welcome everything and stand solid and firm. Bring it on.”






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