Friday’s Favourites: a little K’naan love

Every Friday I will be sharing with you guys my favourite things from that week: articles, music, videos, books, food, makeup - pretty much anything goes! And as I mentioned before, I am also very willing to admit I "stole" this idea from the wonderful Gala Darling and her "Things I Love Thursday."

Here are the things I’m loving this week…

#1: K’naan

I know I’ve given him a shout-out before, but I’m going to do it again. I have been loving K’naan lately (or pretty much ever since I first “discovered” him. And I just have to say, as great as it is driving around the streets of Vancouver with his music playing in my car, you haven’t truly experienced K’naan until you’re on a road trip in Africa and his music is the soundtrack. (Yes, that is what I did this summer).

Anyways, he is amazing and brilliant and although I love all his songs, this week I am focusing on two: Take a Minute is great, but if you really want some powerful, listen to People Like Me.

#2 This article on Libero Network about Supplements is super informative.

#3 RSS Graffiti

For all the blogger/social media peeps out there, allow me to introduce you to one of my favourite tools: RSS Graffiti. This handy dandy Facebook app will allow you to set up multiple auto-publish plans for all of your RSS feeds, including YouTube. I use this for Libero Network as well as my personal blogs and vlogs. I really like how you can delay publishing so you can have automatic “ICYMI” (in case you missed it) posts appear a day or two after the original publish date. Check it out here:

#4 These Nails…

I’m not a big “Nail art” person, but I found this video on YouTube this morning and I’m kind of loving the look! (btw – if any of you know what the deal is with “regular black stripers” is, let me know in the comments!)[youtube=]

#5 My dad got published!

As you may know by now, my dad is the Executive Director of Villages of Hope-Africa and he recently was asked to write an article for a missions magazine. This is his first time being published and I think you should give it a read! Check it out: “For the Least of These

#6 AND this…

friday favourites - skin

Here are my blog posts from this week:

Happy Friday!


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