Reasons to Eat Intuitively

Recently I’ve encountered a lot of pro-diet talk, whether this be conversations I have with people, things I overhear on the street, or (sigh) the relentless media-diet-frenzy.

Sometimes it is easy to muffle out this talk and keep moving forward; however, sometimes it isn’t so easy. So for those days when Intuitive Eating seems like the long, straight, and narrow; when the voices of dieters seem to be overpowering the voice of reason; and when those diet books are calling from the “Health/Nutrition” section at Chapters, here is a little reminder…

My Reasons to Eat Intuitively:

  1. Because my body is my ally, not my enemy.
  2. For brownies when I want them.
  3. Because I have the right to honour my appetite.
  4. For body positivity.
  5. To say NO to a diet-crazed world.
  6. For my health–physical, mental, and even spiritual.
  7. Because my body knows best.
  8. To let go of obsession.
  9. For my recovery.
  10. Because bodies need food.
  11. Because food is not inherently “good” or “bad.”
  12. Because eating shouldn’t be associated with guilt or shame.
  13. Because nachos are wonderful, and so are salads.
  14. For the future generation.
  15. For freedom. 

What are yours? 


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