Welcome to Honouring Appetite!

Welcome to my new blog Honouring Appetite!

This blog is for women and men alike and is dedicated to the process of learning how to eat the way we were intended to – no rules, no restrictions, just good old fashioned intuition.

Appetite: a natural desire to satisfy a bodily need, especially for food.
Honour: to regard with great respect, to fulfill. [Oxford Dictionary]

About Me

My name is Lauren Bersaglio and I am in my final year of University,  studying Professional Writing. I believe in God, wearing pink, and eating dessert. I was born in Canada, grew up in Africa, and currently call Vancouver, BC home. I am the Founding President of Libero Network – a not-for-profit online magazine & resource site for those recovering from overcome eating disorders, depression, addiction, anxiety, and abuse.

I first came across Intuitive Eating in Anne Lamott’s book Travelling Mercies. When I entered into recovery for an eating disorder I’d struggled with for nearly five years, I began the process of developing a healthier relationship with food and my body, and that is when I began to embrace Intuitive Eating, and not only did it change the way I approached food, but it also changed the way I approached my body and myself. Intuitive Eating brought me freedom, freedom from life previously spent imprisoned by calorie counting, weight monitoring, and hunger (both physical and spiritual).

I can now say with confidence that I have a healthier relationship with food and my body than I have ever had – and I know without a doubt Intuitive Eating is what brought me to this place, and that is why I am dedicated to share my story and what I’ve learned to bring truth to an area so filled with false hopes and lies.

About this blog

We’ve been told for too long that we can’t trust our own body and its instincts; but the truth is our body has one goal: self-preservation. It knows what size it needs to be at to be healthy. It knows how much it needs to eat in order to get there. It knows what it wants. Stop. Listen. Trust.

This blog supports:

  • Intuitive Eating (as developed by Evelyn Tribole & Elyse Resch)
  • The Eating Guidelines (as developed by Geneen Roth)
  • The Healthy at Every Size Model (HAES)
  • and Body Acceptance

Remember: Your body is your ally, it is NOT your enemy*. It’s time to start trusting our bodies and to stop listening to the lies the diet industry is telling us. It’s time to start honouring appetitie. No more restricting. No more calorie tracking. No more dieting. No more captivity. Intuitive Eating is freedom. 

(*Professor Lynn Szabo)

This blog started on Tumblr and I have imported some archived posts, so I encourage you to check them out!

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I am excited to share my journey with you!

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