Hey, YouTube, I’m Back!

I am so so SO excited to be writing this right now! For those who are Facebook friends or Instagram followers or who have become part of my Snapchat fam (laurenbsag), you already know this, but for those who don’t:

I’m back on YouTube!

*queue child-like cheering*

After a long, unplanned, and multi-reason hiatus, I am back to making vLogs on YouTube and I am loving it. I bought a tripod, I got a better (i.e. not Apple) phone with a rockstar camera, and I’ve been bumping around iMovie and stepped up my game.

So what will you find on laurenBsag TV?

  • Makeup. Lots of makeup.
  • Product reviews
  • Tutorials
  • Fun “get to know me” tag videos
  • and some of my favourite things: aquariums, lego, writing, ethical shopping etc…

Where else am I vLogging?

I’m so glad you ask! I will also be vLogging once a month on Libero Network TV. These videos will be about:

  • Mental health
  • Body Positivity
  • Eating Disorder Recovery
  • Depression and Self-harm
  • and Relational Health

Check out my latest videos:


Don’t forget to subscribe to laurenBsag TV + Libero Network TV

New videos go live every Saturday — let me know if there’s anything you want to see!


(snapping on the daily: laurenbsag)

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