The Rounded Life

Back in the day I used to write a blog for my University. I've transferred a couple of the posts to this site because the blog is no longer active. I have dated them according to when they were published so as not to add any confusion. Enjoy!

Hello fellow readers! Let me first say that I am so thankful that you are taking time meant for homework and instead using my blogs as a means to procrastinate. Keep it up!

Today I am going to write about wholesome living and the importance of creating a healthy balanced life while you are a student that will then prepare you to remain healthy and balanced throughout your remaining, stressful years on this planet (or at least until a robot is created that can then take your place and leave you with nothing else to do but sip ice tea and read online blogs – preferably mine of course).

Now don’t get me wrong, healthy, balanced living is not something that I have been practising for my entire University career thus far and am now a master at – no, no, – it is really quite the opposite. Actually, I would say that last semester was probably the most unbalanced, least healthy semester I have ever experienced.

How did it get that way? Well for starters it turns out I am apparently a control-freak prone to workaholism.

See what happened is I started the semester with the goal to make as much money as possible. I took on 3 jobs and was working Monday-Saturday (often working wed morning in the office and Wednesday night at the store). Needless to say, I was getting no homework done. By the time I began to see midterms just around the corner, I became so incredibly stressed that I could barely function. So then I decided that I should revert my focus from being 100% about financial stability to being 100% focused on my personal life. So I talked with my boss, cut down my hours at work and became fully focused on time with friends and stress-management. I would spend hours ‘unwinding’ watching TV online or going for walks, going tanning, shopping or socializing… Once again, not much homework was being done.

Then I got sick. I was hit with a nasty case of bronchitis and was couch-ridden for the better part of the month. At this point I couldn’t work, do homework, go for walks, OR hang out with friends. I could just sit. And sleep.

When I finally got better and was able to function again I locked myself away and spent all my time focused on homework. At this point I was miserable, burnt out, lonely, depressed – it sucked. And then I woke up one day and all my friends had left for Christmas holidays (some of them never to return).

So I made a choice this semester. It is the beginning of my third year, the beginning of the Spring semester, and the beginning of 2011 and I have decided to focus on obtaining (and maintaining) a balanced lifestyle. Gone are the days of running from one job to the next and barely managing to cram in my homework. Gone are the days of ignoring all responsibility because I didn’t want ‘to be stressed’. And gone are the days of ignoring all of the above and doing nothing but studying.

This year will be different.

I even strategically chose my classes so they could force me to be more rounded. I am taking Art, Weight Training, Philosophy, Organizational strategies, and Non-fiction Creative Writing. How about that! You have got to love a Liberal Arts school!

See living healthy is not just about being physically well or emotionally stable; being healthy requires a more holistic approach.

This semester I am committing myself to physical health by exercising (in moderation) and treating my body with respect, not overworking myself with school or jobs, and granting my body the sleep it deserves. I am committing myself to spiritual health by spending time with quality people, reading uplifting books and articles, and taking time out of each day for devotions and self-reflecting. And I am committing myself to psychological and emotional health by taking time for myself, not procrastinating to the point of becoming completely overwhelmed, and releasing my desire to be in control all the time as well as cutting myself some much-needed slack. I also am committing to taking every Sunday off: free from work or homework (something I strongly recommend).

Although it is only the second week of classes, I can say that so far my plan is working – I have energy, I am happy, I am working well, I am keeping up with my homework, and I am spending time with valuable people. I LOVE IT!

So I encourage you this year, and next year, and every other year of your life to focus on yourself as a whole and to work on living a balanced life: the balanced life is the happy life. You will excel at work, you will excel at school, and you will excel in your relationships. Don’t believe me? Give it a try and if it doesn’t work then you can write your own blog, but this is my blog is mine and so I have the authority to say find balance Now! before it’s too late…

“Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!”


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