Intuitive Eating

Intuition vs. Lies

Due to my recent health issues, I’ve had to do a lot of talking about my diet. More specifically, I’ve been faceed with many decisions that need to be made. I’ll be perfectly honest, trying to balance my physical health with my mental health is not easy. If it were one or the other, I …

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Reasons to Eat Intuitively

Sometimes it is easy to muffle out this talk and keep moving forward; however, sometimes it isn’t so easy. So for those days when Intuitive Eating seems like the long, straight, and narrow; when the voices of dieters seem to be overpowering the voice of reason; and when those diet books are calling from the “Health/Nutrition” section at Chapters, here is a little reminder…

Q+A: How do I know if I’m eating enough?

Q+A: I often find it hard to know when I’m hungry or not, and a friend recently told me I wasn’t eating enough- although I don’t feel hungry? I’ve had eating disorder tendencies in the past and although I’m not restricting I feel this may be a result?

Q+A: Timing and Hunger Ques

I have been working (for a while now) on intuitive eating. And I tend to focus on eating every three to four hours but if I feel hungry before three hours I usually ignore my hunger and wait because I shouldn’t be hungry at that time… (right?)

What I’ve Gained from Ditching Dieting + Embracing Mindful Eating

Recently we shared this image over at Libero Network. I stumbled across it somewhere in the webosphere (credit to and it caught my attention. We’ve all seen the Special K adds “What will you gain when you lose?” (a topic for a future post…); however, this image throws it back in Special K’s face …

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