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About-Me-ProfileHi! My name is Lauren Bersaglio and I’m the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Libero Magazine and creator of #StopFitspiration. I believe in God, wearing eyeliner, and eating dessert. I was born in Canada, grew up in Africa, and now call Vancouver, BC home.

I am also a makeup artist and a YouTuber.

My greatest passions are writing, speaking, and advocating mental health. In my spare time, I enjoy running, playing Super Nintendo, and spending time with my giant furbaby Zoey.

On YouTube I talk about makeup; on Libero I talk about body positivity and mental health; and here I talk about life, beauty, spirituality, and dessert.



I grew up overseas in Zambia where my parents began working when I was ten years old. My parents run a charity that cares for vulnerable children throughout Africa. Growing up in Africa gave me interesting experience and perspective that influences my approach to life every day.

profile pictureThroughout my life, I have struggled with a variety of eating disorders and disordered eating behaviors, along with exercise addiction, depression, and self-harm.

It was early 2010 when I finally made the decision to enter into recovery for the eating disorder I’d struggled with for over four years. I shared my story on Facebook and it went viral. I then started a recovery blog and launched a Facebook page to offer support to others in recovery. This blog and page eventually grew into Libero Magazine, a nonprofit online magazine that provides resources and support for mental health.

In 2013 I graduated University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and a focus on professional writing. I am passionate about using my voice to advocate mental health, body positivity, and wellness.

In addition, I believe just as self-acceptance is an important part of wholesome living, so is self-expression. For me, makeup is how I exercise my expression of self. In 2014 I returned to school and completed my makeup artist certification. Although I do not make a business of makeup, it is a hobby and an important part of how I maintain a well-rounded and balanced life.

Life is a journey (cliché but true) and on this journey, I’ve made a lot of mistakes, experienced a lot of pain, and hit rock bottom many times. However, for every mistake, I have found grace, and for every tear, there has been healing, and for every fall, I have found hope.

That is the story I want to share.

Read my full story, which started the Libero movement, here.

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