It is an honour to receive opportunities to speak on a variety of issues at many different venues. If you would like me to speak at your school or event, feel free to contact me.

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I offer presentations as well as facilitated discussions to both large and small groups.

My goal through speaking is to raise awareness for issues related to mental health and to let others know they aren’t alone and that things do get better.

The majority of my speaking involves sharing from my own experiences, educating others on what it’s like to live with (and through) mental health struggles and to encourage and inspire those who can relate to my story.

I am also passionate about offering insight based on my own personal experiences to those who work with youth and young adults or those who have loved ones who struggle with mental health issues.

My story includes living through and recovering from an eating disorder and overcoming severe depression that led to self-harming behaviours. I also experienced bullying when I was young and, when I got older, both verbally and emotionally abusive relationships. More recently, I’ve learned what it means to live with anxiety and how to cope with it without it having a significant impact on my day-to-day life.


  • Mental Health
  • Eating Disorders
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Body Image
  • Intuitive Eating
  • Self-worth

In addition, I am happy to share about my work with Libero, how I’ve used media and communications to advocate causes I care about, and how I’ve grown my own online business and personal platform.

If you would like me to speak at your school or event, feel free to contact me.


From attendees:

“Lauren, I loved the topic you covered around depression as I have gone through a lot in my life and your session has changed my life.”

“I went to Lauren Bersaglio’s depression Real Talk. It really helped me a lot. Thank you for your courage, Lauren!”

“I am ready to admit that I have an eating disorder….Thank you so much, if I didn’t go to your break out I would have never gotten the courage to admit this. So thank you!!”

From hosts:

“I have had Lauren Bersaglio speak on the topic of eating disorders to several of my classes over the last few years. She has both a solid understanding of eating disorders as well as an incredible personal story to tell of her own challenges with eating disorders. She has been able to offer my classes both current, accurate information on this topic as well as give my students and inside look into what having an eating disorder is really like. As a speaker she effectively communicates information on this important topic. She is also able to really connect with her audience because of her vulnerability and willingness to be real with people as she shares her own personal struggles and victories. In addition to this, Lauren does a fantastic job of creating a safe environment where people feel comfortable asking questions – regardless of the question.” 

-Andrew H., Human Kinetics Assistant Professor

“I’ve invited Lauren Bersaglio to my Planning 10 class for three years running. Each time, her story connects with young men and women in my class. Her expertise is evident in areas like body image, health trends, the diet industry, and eating disorders. She talks candidly and enthusiastically about all of these issues and is always open to Q&A on the spot. My students say Lauren’s visit is a highlight, not just of the Healthy Living unit, but of the entire course!”

-Craig K., High School Teacher

“Lauren Bersaglio made a big impact on our high school when she came to speak about bullying and verbal abuse in today’s society. Her very relevant presentation was engaging and memorable. It got right to the underlying issues and real consequences of a bullying culture. She addressed myths and unearthed topics rarely talked about because of shame or social taboos. And she put tools in our hands to we could enact change. Thank you so much, Lauren!”

-Highschool Staff

“It was an honour to host social media advocate Lauren Bersaglio at Trinity Western University where she shared her journey establishing her own foundation and working with non-profit organizations. Lauren graduated from the Media + Communication program at TWU, so it was appropriate for her to gift her alma mater and students in her former program. Lauren described her path to landing in the Professional Writing stream where she blossomed as a writer, her experience in public speaking, and the value of courses such as relational communication. Students and professors gained an appreciation for her ability to translate her liberal arts education into a high-energy, targeted mission to change the world. Afterwards a considerable line of students approached Lauren to see how they might get engage social media toward culturally redemptive ends. As the organizer of the event I was most pleased with Lauren’s preparation and ability to speak to university students where they are at. Thanks again for visiting, Lauren!” 

-Bill S., Communications Professor

“Lauren Bersaglio was the keynote speaker at a mentor training session for Inner Hope Youth Ministries last month. She brought awareness and gave mentors tools to effectively approach youth experiencing difficulties related to anxiety, depression, self-harm, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, and complex post-traumatic stress disorder. She addressed reasons for these difficulties, how they can manifest in behavior, and then how to best support someone who is experiencing them. She also talked about self-care and gave mentors strategies for staying healthy. It was fantastic to have Lauren with us as she brought great insight into these areas. Mentors responded well and really valued the information that was shared. We are excited to have Lauren speak again in the future!” 

-Katherine S., Inner Hope Youth Ministries

“I invited Lauren in to speak to the toughest group imaginable: a heard-it-all-before, you don’t impress me much group of third culture young adults who had lived around the world. Lauren wrapped her head around the task and went at it with passion and enthusiasm. Through honest story-telling and authentic delivery, she connected deeply with our group and they were with her all the way. What I appreciated the most was Lauren’s willingness to keep the conversation going after she stepped off the stage and continue having open dialogues with students post-event. If you’re looking for a speaker to tackle today’s sensitive but important issues with maturity and sincerity, Lauren will serve you well!”

-Matt J., Event Host

“Lauren of Libero showed amazing wisdom, and grace, when she came and shared her insights, and story pertaining to the topic of relational health with the Trinity Western University Women’s Ministry, the River. We appreciated the thoughtfulness and planning she put into tailoring her talk to meet the specific needs of our ministry and community. She was attentive and flexible to allow discussion to be open, and created a safe environment where she was vulnerable, and we in turn could be vulnerable, and free, to express our stories. Lauren was real in sharing the challenges of her journey with us, yet also offered hope to our group through the sharing of the freedom she has experienced. We appreciated the practicality of her wisdom concerning how to recognize unhealthy relationships, and friendships, and how to walk alongside friends or family who may be in unhealthy relationships. Thank you Lauren for all your work and for coming to speak with our group!” 

-Victoria W., Event Host

If you would like me to speak at your school or event, please fill out my CONTACT ME form.