Lauren Bersaglio

Lauren is the Founder and Editor of Libero. She started Libero in April 2010, when she shared her story about her struggles with an eating disorder and depression. Now Lauren uses her writing and videos to advocate mental health and body positivity. In her spare time, she enjoys makeup artistry, playing Nintendo, and taking selfies with her furbaby, Zoey.

video game anxiety tips and games that help

Video Games, Anxiety, and Me

Experiencing video game anxiety doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy video games. In fact, there are many video games that may cause little-to-no anxiety and even a few that have helped ease my own anxious thoughts.

have you ever felt trapped

Have you ever felt trapped?

I wrote this a while back when I was feeling, well, trapped. It was inspired by one of my favourite songs by Regina Spektor, “Small Town Moon”.

Life Lessons from Basil the basil

So my question for you this week, friend, is this: what is inside of you that’s shrivelled up and could use a little water? What helps you thrive, but has wilted from neglect?

BLOG confessions from the trenches

Confession from the Trenches

My hope is that if you’re in a similar place and are trying to figure it all out like I am, you will witness my journey and, in even the smallest of ways, be helped by it.

Welcome Back (stay awhile)

I want this space to be a similar place for you as it is for me: a place where you can explore, be understood, find comfort, and maybe feel a little less alone.