Video: How Long Will Recovery Take?

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In this week’s video I answer a question that was posed to me on Twitter (pssst! Follow me: @lauren_b_sag): How Long Will Recovery Take? I was also asked under the same context, how long it took me to recover. So in this video I talk about timelines, comparing your journey with others, and how focusing on your journey and progress is the most important thing.

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Guest Post on Self Injury for More Than Skin Deep

Sorry for not getting a Friday’s Favourites out last week – I was under-the-weather with a cold and not “favouriting” much but sleep and kleenex infused with lotion. This week I am busy working on Libero Network‘s new website (launching Monday!), but I wanted to share this piece I wrote for MorethanSkinDeep. But before that, as a side note, I just got a notification that I now have 60 followers on this blog – and I am blown away. I want to thank each of you for all of your support and for continuing to read what I send out there to the web-iverse. If you’re up for it, introduce yourself in the comments! I’d love to follow your blog and get to know you better – and/or connect with me on Twitter (because we all know that’s where the *real* conversation happens) @lauren_b_sag


Living with Scars: Finding Freedom from Self-Injury

Originally published here.

I don’t often write about my struggles with self-injury. To be honest, it’s not something I’m comfortable doing. Or at least it’s not what I am most comfortable doing.

Four years ago when I entered into recovery for my eating disorder, writing was how I “came out” to friends and family about my struggles. And I’ve been writing about eating disorder recovery ever since.

Four years ago I also was struggling with self-injury. I didn’t talk about that, though.

There is a stigma around eating disorders, yes, but I do feel those walls are being broken down rapidly. However, self-injury still remains something that for the most part is meant to be kept “under the rug.”

Until the few like Renee Yohe (To Write Love on Her Arms) and Demi Lovato finally spoke out, I felt confined to my secrecy – as though it was less of a choice and more a requirement. People don’t want to hear about you cutting or scratching at yourself – those are dark, dirty things that should never be brought into the light.

And that’s the problem – when something is kept in the darkness it has power. Until it is exposed to it’s greatest threat – light – a secret holds power over all who keep it. So let’s shine some light on this sucker, shall we?

My name is Lauren Bersaglio and I struggled with self-injury.

It started when I was in high school…Keep Reading


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