Being Hungry Because We’re Emotional vs. Being Emotional Because We’re Hungry

Today as I left my afternoon class I was feeling pretty low. Actually, the feelings had kicked in about thirty minutes into my class and had escalated to the point that once class was over I felt on the verge of a completely depressive state.

As I walked to my car, I wondered how this had happened – I’d been having such a good day! I was back at school, I’d seen some friends, it was sunny and hot, and, let’s face it, I’m having a great hair day. I was downright bright & shiny.

And yet the Blues just set in. I felt lonely, unfulfilled, empty… Yes, it was a ‘turn on Rihanna and start crying’ type of moment.

And then I noticed my stomach grumbling. I started counting back to the last time I ate – it was at lunch, nearly five hour earlier. I guess I was so preoccupied by making it to class on time that I ignored my biological cues. Clearly, a 750ml Arizona Green Tea just hadn’t cut it.

When I let myself get hungry, I get depressed. And the hungrier I get, the more depressed I get. It spirals quickly out of control.

So often we are told to beware of letting our emotions ‘trick’ us into thinking we’re hungry – and this is a valid thing to look out for – but what we often forget to do is consider whether it’s our hunger that is making us emotional.

No, it is not a ‘chicken or the egg’ situation; it’s really an ‘either/or’ one. You are either hungry because your emotional, or you are emotional because you are hungry. This is when it pays to really take that time to listen to your body – and a growling stomach is usually a good sign!

For some people, when they feel sad or depressed it’s the opposite – they don’t want to eat. And this is when things can snowball. It happens to me sometimes. I’m hungry, so I get sad. I’m sad so I don’t want to eat. I get hungrier, so I get sadder… and on the cycle goes.

I think sometimes are body uses whatever means it can to grab our attention. And if that means making us feel sad, it will do it.

So I encourage you, the next time you are feeling low – no, don’t rush straight for the chocolate chip cookies – but, do take the time to listen to your body for a minute, maybe it is just trying to scream at you: It’s been five hours already, feed me!

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