What I’ve Gained from Ditching Dieting + Embracing Mindful Eating

Recently we shared this image over at Libero Network. I stumbled across it somewhere in the webosphere (credit to recoverylifeandcats.tumblr.com) and it caught my attention.

We’ve all seen the Special K adds “What will you gain when you lose?” (a topic for a future post…); however, this image throws it back in Special K’s face (*huzzah*) and asks a much more important question:


So I thought I would share the top ten things I’ve gained from letting go of dieting (and my eating disorder) and embracing Intuitive/Mindful Eating.

  1. Self-acceptance: realizing I am more than my weight, more than my body shape or size, more than what’s on my plate, and more than a number.
  2. Peace of mind: no longer beating myself up over what I have or haven’t eaten.
  3. Brownies. And nachos, and chocolate chip cookies, and all my favourite foods.
  4. Time: no longer wasting time tracking calories, fat, carbs, or engaging in diet talk.
  5. Energy: because let’s face it, dieting and body-shaming talk is draining. Not to mention not having the freedom to eat when you’re hungry and thus trying to run on empty.
  6. Community: I’ve made so many friends in both the ED and HAES communities. So many inspiring stories are being shared and I love to be a part of it!
  7. Positive conversation: this is connected to #6. I used to spend so much time talking negatively about my body, swapping diets and weightloss tips with friends, etc… now I get to have uplifting conversations about body acceptance, balanced nutrition, and, mostly about things that have nothing to do with food, weight, or bodies at all.
  8. Excellent reading material: I shared my favourite Intuitive Eating books in my last post–ditching dieting and embracing mindful eating has led me to authors such as Geneen Roth, Anne Lamott, and many others whom I now love!
  9. A social life: this may seem extreme, but for those who have suffered from an ED or intense dieting behaviours, you know what it’s like to bow out of social activities for the sake of “keeping the diet.” Now I go where I want, when I want, and no diet book or regimen dictates my activities.
  10. Freedom. 

What have you gained? Share below!

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  2. Who needs another reason besides brownies and nachos to get on board with intuitive eating?! Lovely blog btw, very relatable, and inspiring and I love your point of view!

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